Current UK Nitrides Consortium members are listed below. Follow the link for further details, including contact information, location, interests and facilities.

You can also register your interest in becoming a member or update your organisation’s listing if you are the Authorised Contact.

OrganisationDepartmentAuthorised Contact First NameAuthorised Contact Last Name
Aixtron Ltd Andrew Pakes
IQE Trevor Martin
Loughborough Surface Analysis Mike Petty
MOCVD Solutions Ltd Laurence Considine
Neil Gerrard Consultants Neil Gerrard
Nigel Mason Consulting Nigel Mason
SemiMetrics Ltd Eric Don
Seren Photonics Alison Shepherd
Sharp Laboratories Europe Ltd Alex Yudin
Tyndall National Institute Peter Parbrook
University of Bath Department of Electronic Engineering Philip Shields
University of Bristol Department of Physics Martin Kuball
University of Cambridge Dept. of Materials Science and Metallurgy Colin Humphreys
University of Cardiff Dept of Physics and Astronomy Peter Smowton
University of Glasgow Iain Thayne
University of Hull Physics and Mathematics Angela Dyson
University of Liverpool School of Physical Sciences Paul Chalker
University of Manchester School of Physics and Astronomy Phil Dawson
University of Nottingham School of Physics Sergei Novikov
University of Oxford Department of Physics Robert Taylor
University of Sheffield Dept of Electronic & Electrical Engineering Tao Wang
University of Strathclyde Institute of Photonics Ian Watson
University of Strathclyde Department of Physics Robert Martin